Saturday 21 May 2016

Pt. 1 Joining Door Frame Off Cuts to Form Beams & Strengthening with Drywall CladBeam (metalclad)

Joining Door Frame Off Cuts Pt 1.

Screwed together with central insert (see in pic below the first pic) inserted in middle, edge strengthened with 70mm drywall tracking. There is also a plastic profile edge strip (see left of pic)  , which fits to edge in slots, and  may be used for strengthening

Exposed open joint showing core & plastic strip spacers, braced across joint

close up of screws & edge strenthened with 70mm drywall tracking.

Central core fits inside 50mm drywall c-stud . plastic edge strip off cuts are used for spacers & strengtheners across joint

Close up showing edge of 50mm c-stud fitting into central core edge channel
Other side view

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