Monday 22 October 2018

Idea for melting plastic into a drywall channel to form a composite metal clad beam

 Leading on from Cabinz experiments using CLAD COMPOSITE BEAM FROM WASTE  with composite door off cuts, which we called MetalClad or CladBeam to build green house frames & insulated panels

It occured to us that the galvanised metal drywall channel could be heated to melt recycled plastic chips placed inside a channel to form a plastic core beam.

These beams could then be screwed  / nail gunned or glued to drywall channel

The combination of metal skinned plastic produces a much stronger beam, as the core is strong in compression & the metal is strong in tension.

This is currently just a thought experiment and has yet to be tried , pending further research

If you have the funds to buy or make a low cost recycled plastic extrusion machine. An intro vid is here and at who have some excellent ideas

This perhaps could be done in low tech conditons to form frames for disaster shelters or perhaps replace rebar frames ( as it may use less metal & be galvanised in an UBUNTU BLOX HOUSE

No experiments have been made tried yet, but initial thoughts are.

1. Use 50mm x 50mm wall channel drywall.
A. cut 50mm into ends & bend them up to stop molten plastic leaking out.
B, Fix a strip of aluminium tape (heat resistant ) on the inside of seam to seal it from molten plastic.
C. Place plastic chips into channel & heat with a flame underneath to melt them . (Details of temp. / length of heating time yet to be determined)    

D. Perhaps the suns rays could be  used to heat the plastic / metal channel via a concave mirror with a metal foil surface . Cabinz explored a similar idea here with the

Idea for Turning Infinity Bakery Solar Oven Prototype into Solar Reflective Heated Folding Shelter


Note: our drywall supplier has several Uk Branches

Friday 12 October 2018

Idea for making an insulative "vacuum core brick" from an evacuated jar, beer or wine bottle surrounded by a clay or waste plastic brick

 Idea for making an insulative "vacuum core brick" from an evacuated beer or wine bottle that is then surrounded by clay or plastic & then used as normal brick in construction

Following on from recent failed attempts with plastic bottles & vacuums 

Making an Insulated Eco Brick by Filling Empty Plastic Bottles with Rolled Cardboard or Plastic & Evacuating Air (VIB))

We have all seen bricks with big air holes in the middle, but ive not seen one with a vacuum inside. 
As a vacumm is a beter insulator that air, this may make a better brick & reuse the bottle without more energy input compared to if it was recycled.

However, I theorise that this may complicate the manufacturing process and only be suitable for handmade bricks 

Its assumed a beer & wine bottle will survive a vacumm as a jar did in this YT vid below .
if, so, wine & beer bottles can have air evacuated with the same process. 

A metal plug / heat resistant glue may need to be used instead of rubber & tape in the video.

 Will Food GO BAD in a Vacuum Chamber? (see 2.41minutes in for vacuum bottle / jar sealing guide) 

This is so they survive the brick firing process 

If clay that dries in air is used, a plastic air filled bottle, reusing polystyrene waste or bubble wrap could be used, as there is no heat to melt the plastic   

Update 14-10-18 : There may be an issue with the screw top metal cap melting on a wine bottle

So if an access hole is left in side of the brick , so the bottle can be accessed after firing the clay brick body. A crew top & rubber valve cover can be screwd on & the air evacuated by brick being inserted into a vacuum chamber .

A peg on the ajoining brick could fill this hole when brick is laid & lock it into place for stability  .
See drawing below. Other pegs could be added . similar to toy building bricks

Alternatively, recycled plastic could be used like in the method or perhaps air crete  / foam concrete bricks

The bottle could also be filled with earth to grow plants / veg out of,  to cool a buildings wall.

Alternatively, perhaps an air filtering mechanism could be inserted into the bottle / void  like a similar idea

This Innovative Brick Sucks Pollution From the Air Like a Vacuum Cleaner 

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