Tuesday 24 July 2018

Budget Shelters for Low income Groups using Purlin or Steel Rsj Type Frames & Kingspan Metal Sided Sandwich Panels

System for Budget Shelters for Low income Groups using Purlin / RSJ Frames & Insulated Kingspan Metal Sided Sandwich Panels 

Similar to my previous ideafor creating a safe & secure space inside derelict buildings:

The USP of this idea is having all the services (electricity / water  /ventilation pipes contained in the C shaped Purlin Frame.

Hinged  access plates on the open side of the  purlins will give accesss to the services.. 

Alternativey rsj type steel frames can be used , but this will require extra trunking for services .

The Shelter will rest on 120-180mm Kingspan metal sided sandwich panels, walls & roof will be 80-120 mm of the same . This floor can rest on levelled gravel for drainage and be attached with spiked metposts (100mm sq. )

The interior wall will be plastic coated steel (inside of the Kspan)  , but MGO board can be added for a plaster board type effect if required . 


Friday 20 July 2018

Opaque and / or Insulated Framed Structure inside a delapidated building to temporarily bring it back into use

Opaque and / or Insulated Framed Structure inside a delapidated building to temporarily bring it back into use

By delapidated, I mean structually solid , but with holes in the roof , potential falling slates / plaster & water ingress. plaster on walls will be loose & dusty  . The floor must be solid, ie concrete.

The aim is to make a building usable , by installing a low cost structure, until funds are available to restore the building.

The structure aims to :

A. protect users from lightweight falling roof debris, water and dust . 

B. divert water from inside , reducing damp

C. Hinder potential Squatters, vandals  & thieves from accessing the inside of the builidng 

D. Idea 1 lets light in , idea 2 aims to insulate the inside, making it heatable in cold months, cooler in hot ones. the 2 ideas can be combined   

Idea 1 - Frame with opaque grp sheet cladding

The idea is to make a wood / scaffold pole free standing frame, or screw battens to wall, using the 2m door off cuts (though drywall lining may be needed to clad them to meet building regs, though it may be exempt as temp structure . I call this 'clad beam'. ) 

plastic sheeting & guttering would be place on floor to collect falling water through roof holes, behind the panels, then diverted out of the building

a beam would be fixed on top of the battens, directy above the vertical beam (clad beam or scaffolding poles / wood

Then 5 x 2's or used scaff poles (to get a long span ) would be used as joists across space.
Alternatively galvanised c shape purlins could be used. 

Light Grp sheets would be placed, cable tied  or screwed to  the joists. as seen here in my green house prototypes . Here & here  

This structure is not insulated, hence idea 2

Idea 2.  Frame with Insulaled panels (metal sided Kingspan sandwich  sheet cladding) 

This is similar to a previous idea (Pt 3. (Update) Metalclad' Wall & Roof Panels Placed in Wedge Block Shelter )

The frame is made in a similar fashion to idea 1, but more heavy duty as the roof is taking more weight

However depending on thickness of panel  vertal beams may not be needs as the wall panels will take the roof weight.

C shaped Purlins would be best for the roof support beams.

Kinspan panels could be used to insualte the floor & rest on cladbeam battens, which would not rot & allow any water ingress to flow underneath for collection   

Monday 9 July 2018