Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Budget Shelters for Low income Groups using Purlin or Steel Rsj Type Frames & Kingspan Metal Sided Sandwich Panels

System for Budget Shelters for Low income Groups using Purlin / RSJ Frames & Insulated Kingspan Metal Sided Sandwich Panels 

Similar to my previous ideafor creating a safe & secure space inside derelict buildings:

The USP of this idea is having all the services (electricity / water  /ventilation pipes contained in the C shaped Purlin Frame.

Hinged  access plates on the open side of the  purlins will give accesss to the services.. 

Alternativey rsj type steel frames can be used , but this will require extra trunking for services .

The Shelter will rest on 120-180mm Kingspan metal sided sandwich panels, walls & roof will be 80-120 mm of the same . This floor can rest on levelled gravel for drainage and be attached with spiked metposts (100mm sq. )

The interior wall will be plastic coated steel (inside of the Kspan)  , but MGO board can be added for a plaster board type effect if required . 


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