Sunday 3 March 2019

STOREUSE - An Idea to Facilitate the Storage of Resources for Reuse. Lack of Storage is a common Barrier to Reuse

STOREUSE is a threefold idea by Paul Ridley , founder of the Cabinz reuse group. It stems from an idea by Paul in Sept. 2017 - Idea Part 1.

Draft proposal for Design of Insulated Panels installed as Shelter Wall Insulation, that can be Re-used as Shelters in the event of a Disaster Situation

These panels are 'Stored for Reuse', while peforming a useful function of insulation energy saving . They are designed for reuse / removal in case of the need for building disaster shelters.

 This is particularly important as the 'Just in time' method of modern manufacturing & logistics / supply chain ,means there are not hundreds of thousands of panels  / tents available in warehouse storage for immediate despatch to users such as the homeless / flood victims.

Idea Part 2 

In Dec 2018, a related idea was formed by Paul, under the STOREUSE name, so people or orgs. in need of storage could be matched with land owners  / property owner /renters / (orgs or individuals) mainly though a website.

Storage is a common barrier to reuse, as commercial storage is expensive, and transport costs to a storage facility can add up if storage is not avaialble locally.

Idea Part 3 

The next step is to offer a kit to build a cheap shelter for storage. Cabinz and their suppliers hope to facilitate this . Preferably by using modular composite (greater than the sum of their parts)  or reused materials.
These can be diassembled for easy reuse elsewhere.

Paul & Cabinz would like to hear from interested parties who would like to expand or fund the project development.

The domain name has been registered to promote the idea. It currently redirects to this blog page.

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Local enterprise 'Cabinz' joins forces with charities to support people living with autism