Sunday 14 June 2020

Cabinz are Creatively Reusing Items & selling new materials to make sneeze resistant screens for community groups & small biz

We wish to hear from community groups and small biz who may be able to use these as screens. They can buy them at the low cost below, discount for quantity

We offer no guarantees on the suitability of materials or screens, buyers do so entirely at their own risk

These are foldway used Polling station Booths that have alumium frames with telescopic legs (so can also be mounted on table tops) , and plastic sheets . They cost over £300 new ! Some of the plastic sheets need replacing (esasily done)
Frames have some marks & scratches .
£50 each some have more wear and are £40 each

Table top aluminium hinged frames that came with the Polling Booths above. They need a new plastic sheet installed,work ok, but have marks & scratches. flat bars may need bending back (easily done) 

£15 each

We can supply new old stock Opaque Composite Plastic Grp sheets at £4 per m ( this is £17 to £30 a mtr elsewhere)
and new strong 2m long composite plastic frames and all the fixings for groups to make their own screens to their own size.
£3 for 2m for thinner beams / frames (1.50 a metre) Thicker Beams are £4 (£2 a mtr ) 

Below is a green house kit prototype made from these plastic composite materials   . low cost screws & fixings also available

Cabinz also have air extraction equipment for sale.
Please contact us for further info.