Wednesday 9 May 2018

Interior Door Opaque Panel for a Shipping Container Door to Reduce Wind Driven Rain, Yet Let Light Through

Cabinz idea for an Interior Door opaque Panel for aShipping Container Door to Reduce Wind Driven Rain, Yet Let Light Through 

This a basic concept , the idea is untested with a prototype, but basic principle is believed to be sound 

Two internal hinged doors would be attached to the inside of the shipping container doors .

They would be made of opague grp fibreglass sheets, screwed to beams made of fibreglass skin with a plastic composite  beam frame. This frame could be covered in dry wall lining metal for extra strength

A lock / bolt or tie would join the doors together 

Previous Cabinz prototypes show these same materials being used (see links at end of this article)

Benefits are:

1. Rain & Wind Reduced

Greatly reduces rain and wing damaging container contents, when doors are open 

2. Reduces damp

reduces rain getting into containers , in which it is trapped when doors are closed, so making container contents damp

3. Security 

 passers by cannot see inside container , when internal door shut

4. Lets Light In

Lets 80% of light through door panel , so users can still see items in unlit container

5.  Fire resistant Materials

6. Rot resistant, 

 not affected by moisture in container or rain outside

7. Theft reduction 

Stops passers by stealing goods from containers with open doors

8. Extra Security

Forms an extra door for thieves to break through if they break through main door

9 Lightweight materials 

.The doors are lightweight , so if the wind catches them they will not cause seroisuly injury by swing back on a person.

10 Visibility through door improves Health & safety

. A person can be seen through the opaque panel if close behind it, so they will be seen & not have the door opened on them, as this is a risk if the door wa not opaque

11. Low cost 

As Cabinz gets these materials donated or purchase them at clearance stock prices, they are much cheaper than other materials

12. Strong Materials 

 grp is very strong & flexible , so with goods being moved in & out , potentially touching them , they will be resistant to knocks . If they are damaged, they can be replaced cheaply 

 Greenhouse Prototype Made from Grp Sheets & Composite Door Edge Off cuts (Double Garage Size)  

Grp Sheet Green House or Storage Shed Prototype with Frame on the Outside to Form a Trellis to Suppot Creeping Vines or Beans etc  

Prototype Wedge Block Shelter with Grp Window Cladding & Composite Door Edge Off-Cut Frame / Corner Brace  

Tuesday 8 May 2018

Idea for small metal nuts, bolts screws, nails & other building materials fixings to be as currency in the developing world

Idea for small metal nuts, bolts, screws, nails & other building material fixings to be as financial currency in the developing world 

As a supplier of screws & fixings, Cabinz has been exploring this idea. 

Their currency value aside . Low value coins have little intrinsic value, apart from their scrap metal value & a few uses , such as a screw driver.

In an inflationary environment, a metal coin can quickly become nearly worthless.

However,  small metal nuts, bolts, screws, nails & other building materials fixings retain their value as a fixing for building things, even if the currency declines in value.

If a Government introduced such a "functional coin" . The may need to be stamped or engraved to stop criminals introducing their own screws to dilute the coin currency.

There are disadvantages , like difficult vending machine use, screws would have to be in containers to stop pocket wear etc.

Advantages are that the coins could be used as fixings in the house / garden , while actually being the households financial savings.

Alternatively the fixings could be used as  local trading currencies , not national ones . eg  Lets