Sunday 16 February 2020

Mixed Screw & Fixings Sorting Table and Storage Kit now available to Community based groups from Cabinz CIC

Following on from our  Idea for sorting a mixed bucket of screws into smaller pots as relaxation & therapy that can then be used for craft / DIY by community groups

Cabinz CIC have aquired at very low cost, 80 reused stainless steel top Cafe / Bar type table tops and many new heavy duty 10 litre buckets.
This allows a smooth, tough surface for fixings to be slid over the edge for seperation into buckets, than can be further divided by reusing plastic pots.
These will be offered to community group for their users to sort mixed screws for sale or donation.

This a recent photo of the table tops being trialled by a user of Woodwork to Wellness that is autistic  

A heavy duty revolving carousel can be added underneath the table to allow it to rotate.
These are available online for less than £5

We are trialling a standing sorting table by putting table top on top of a filing cabinet , then fixings can be stored in the cabinet, the HD cabinets are available for £15 in limited supply

Cabinz CIC are trying to raise £1000 to Send 1 Tonne of Screws & Fixings to Storm Victims

 GoFundMe Donate Page here

Send 1 Tonne of Screws & Fixings to Storm Victims

Cabinz Cic is a small social enterprise in Saltney, North Wales. We donate & sell at low cost, new screws & fixings, sorted from broken boxes and clearance stock. These go to Men in Shed groups, Scrapstores, Community wood recyclers, low income groups and small businesses

We will donate one metric tonne of fixings that we have in stock  to groups in flood and wind damaged areas of the Uk.

The £1000 will be used to sort, pack and deliver these fixings to the victims of storm Ciara and Dennis after contacting the support groups in these areas to see what they need.

We expect some of the items they require to be drywall screws for plasterboard,  screws and nails to rebuild fencing & sheds.