Wednesday 25 August 2021

Low Cost Raised Walkways for flooded or boggy areas with a fencing / handrail option that can be used as large flower pots / fencing when not in use as platformed walkways

Flooded property access  - Heavy Duty bucket supported walkway idea 

 This project is related to previous work on raised footing & supports . and is a work in progress

We have a stock of aluminium framed bufalo board wood platforms that with minimal fixings can be temporarily fixed to large heavy duty buckets with lids in various configs . 

These can be free standing , attached to an existing fence that may be used as a hand rail or plastic composite door off cuts fencing can be installed.

From our previous work with composite door off cuts these can also be made into platforms

We can get buckets & lids at low cost , they are filled with rocks & soil available on site (no transport / energy use) 

The platform can be removed, when flooding subsides and a smaller flower pot placed on top with a hole in the base. This will match up with a similar hole in the lid or base of the bucket., possibly  allowing water / roots / worms between the two buckets  .

This top will be removed & replaced when the platform is to be put into use, This should preserve the flowers & reuse the bucket / contents, providing an attractive row of flowers / pots .

 Platforms could also be made from flood damaged wood  / metal furniture.

A prototype platform is being made using a 1m wide sheet of metal sided sanswich panel from tata steel / kingspan , strenthened with side beams of plastic composite or wood . connected together with 1m threaded bar 

Firm standing and ixing buckets to the ground 

In sone circumstances the buckets may need to be fixed to the ground. if the weight inside is not heavy enough ot stop movement when walked on 

If the bucket is installed upright a hole could be drilled into the bottom & metal pegs or expanding bolts into concrete / tarmac

If installed on rd pavement . bucket can be upside down with lid on , expanding bolts can be drilled  through side lip & lid into ground , may 2 or 4 ?

on grass / soil the upside dwon bucket can be fastened with L or J shape pegs made from threaded bar , the thread will help stop the pegs coming out of ground, especially if hammered in at an angle 

Flagstones or other footing may be required for buckets to rest on to stop sinking into boggy soft ground

Fixing platforms to bucket tops

Spacers may need to be used between the bucket & platform edge sides.

 This could be by hex / coach / nuts /bolts or threaded bar . the bucket handle holes could perhaps be utilised to hold a trapped nut  

Enquiries are being made to trail this in a local are that is flooded regularly

Most appropriate sizes ar 25 L & 20 L buckets

Relevant sizes of buckets R to L, 25l , 20L 15L 10L