Monday 10 July 2023

Announcement of a new initiative, provisionally called FRRAPS - Flood Recovery Repair and Preparation Supplies . It will supply buckets, walking platforms , hardware and fixings, tools at half price or below to help charities and small businesses prepare and recover from flooded buildings and land liable to flood.

I announce a new initiative, provisionally called FRRAPS - Flood Recovery Repair and Preparation Supplies . It will supply buckets, walking platforms , hardware and fixings, tools at

half price or below to help charities and small businesses prepare and recover from flooded building and land liable to flood. 

initial materials offered with stock of several thousand, often repeatable items are: 


1. 2m long Rot proof plastic & grp Door edge strips (DES) to raise floors above flood levels (recently used to raise shed floors by a shed manufacturer )

2. Heavy duty plastic buckets from 5 to 25 litres in capacity (I gave you samples of these before)

3. Walking platforms of aluminium framed buffalo boards to walk across flooded areas 1.5 to 2.8m long,
 30, 40, 50cm wide

4, grp roof sheets in 1.6 to 2.5 m length x 1m wide to repair roofs or divert water away from damaged gutters

5, cans of expanding foam to plug gaps , insulate etc

6. New kitchen cupboard doors to replace damaged ones (mixed styles & sizes)

7. Insulated panels 

8. Related screws & fixings  

9. Plastic Guttering & fixings

10. Tanninised treated timber of various lengths

Friday 16 June 2023

visit to The Scrap Space scrap store in Shoreham E. Sussex on 15th June 23

 Thank to Emily for the great chat & tour of The Scrap Space



Monday 13 March 2023

Large Reused Wooden Cable Drums Donated by Cabinz cic to Save the Children Charity Shop for Store Display


Cabinz Donates New Wood to Woodwork to Wellness Charity near Chester, who have made it into Trellis, that will be available for sale

 The trellis in the picture has been made by Woodwork to Wellness members and is approx. 1.8m tall and  cut in half, so is available in twice the width. They also run a food bank, pictured in the foreground 


Experiments with 90 Degree Corner Bending of Insulated Metal Panel Sheet (IMPS) for Small Low Cost Shelter

 This was considered a failure as the bend was not that well made, a bending tool would likely be required. In addition the metal sheet delaminated by the bend so, a composite plastic beam was inserted so the metal sheet could be screwed to it


Tuesday 27 December 2022

We've Started a Wood Reuse Section at Cabinz CIC as part of our DIGRS Panel Project

 Here at Cabinz Cic, we hope to expand our sales or donations of screws & fixings by working with local timber companies who have donated wood to us. This forms part of our DIGRS & Insulation & Repair Station Projects to encourage people to make insulated panels & distribute materials to Insulate & repair at home & work  

We have donated treated wood in the pic, mainly in 1.2 to1.8m lengths to local mens sheds groups in Cheshire West & Fintshire such as Woodwork to Wellness & The Port Men in Sheds who have been making trellis and other items to sell to fund their charities.

We've also donated wood to the Tam o'Shanta Urban Farm & Bee Wirral Group to make items for Xmas

Trellis is great for cheaply strenghening fencing & gates, needed to combat stronger winds & storms during climate change as well as reusing wood to grow fruit & veg on. One design is shown in the pics below. 



Sunday 25 December 2022

We are looking for partners & donations for a Hardware Reuse Drive - Packaging Screws & Fixings in Heat Sealed Padded Envelopes with Printing Labels

 Cabinz cic & SAHBN (Shelter & Hardware Bank Network) have been donated over 40k of new dvd sized padded envelopes that have been printed on one side. We have donated 1000s to local charities & are sold some at low cost to local small businesses.

In addition, a large pallet of adhesive printable labels and 3 label printing machines (see pics below) .

We aim to find partner groups to seal fixings or other saleable items, that they have donated or supplied from our stock into padded envelopes sealed in appropriate sizes with a heat sealer. These packets of fixings can be sold at low cost or donated to faciltate the reuse of materials or repair / preparation / maintanace of goods. 

We've previously had discussions with other groups such as Mens Sheds on the possibility of encouraging the donation of screws & fixings from those stored in household sheds & garages. 

One problem is that only a small range of fixings are used by Mens Sheds (ie, 25-100mm screws & small hinges) and large amounts of  other size / type fixings are donated, so a market / distribution network needs to be developed for these.     

If you are an interested, contact for further info.

Pictures below   

These added envelopes are slightly bigger than dvd size ones, and have been cut in half using a paper guillotine with a wider mouth, so the thicker bubble wrap padded envelopes can pass through to be cut.

A Heat sealer machiine (Do a Google search for  '12" Heating Sealer Heat Plastic Bag Film Sealing Machine uk' to buy from £10 up ) We paid £25 for our one, pictured below.

The bag can be sealed through the paper, but if a clear window of bubble wrap to view the fixings inside is required (see pics below). one side of paper can be removed by peeling it off around the edges,

 ( preferably the side that may have printing on )

One side of the paper has been peeled off to leave a neat edge, then the sideds have been sealed, 2 

seals can be done for extra strength. the already sealed side of the bag can be sealed again to make the bag smaller or tighter. 

Presuamably, the heat sealing will work for used padded envelopes. By talking to craft makers, the sides of irons of curling tongs have been used to heat seal these envelopes, but we have not tried these methods

The paper side can be written on by hand or a printed label can be added (pic below)

120mm wide thick paper adhesive labels on a roll, can be cut to the required size & applied in various ways

Labels can be cut to the required size
Label with edges wrapped around the other side for extra strength
Type & Manuals for Printers
Donated Printing Machines that can print bar codes & QR codes as well


 Our pallet of donated labels

Single Roll of 120mm wide labels