Monday 13 March 2023

Large Reused Wooden Cable Drums Donated by Cabinz cic to Save the Children Charity Shop for Store Display


Cabinz Donates New Wood to Woodwork to Wellness Charity near Chester, who have made it into Trellis, that will be available for sale

 The trellis in the picture has been made by Woodwork to Wellness members and is approx. 1.8m tall and  cut in half, so is available in twice the width. They also run a food bank, pictured in the foreground 


Experiments with 90 Degree Corner Bending of Insulated Metal Panel Sheet (IMPS) for Small Low Cost Shelter

 This was considered a failure as the bend was not that well made, a bending tool would likely be required. In addition the metal sheet delaminated by the bend so, a composite plastic beam was inserted so the metal sheet could be screwed to it