Sunday, 16 March 2014

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We are a small group of Uk based Volunteers. 

We aim to promote the design and construction of cabins and tiny buildings, and the insulation or improvement of existing buildings.

We try to provide sources to re-usable materials or provide them ourselves at low cost to raise funds for the project.

Contact us at

We are currently looking to supply various associates & Orgs. with low cost insulated wood panels to build small structures.

Projects under consideration are:

1. A small garage for car / bike repair

2. A tiny garden cabin for a student to study

3. A small shed / summer house.

4. A commercial landlord dividing up a work unit

5. A woodworker artists office / design space in Wales

Raised Beds Installed - Part 2 - Low Cost Rot Proof Materials to Build a Garden Cloche, Greenhouse or Raised Bed for Growing Veg for Food Security and Self Reliance

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