Tuesday 26 April 2016

Experiment to Insert Water Pipe into Insulation of Kingspan Metal Skin Sandwich Panel For Heating & Cooling

Into the side of a 80mm thick panel, I drilled 4 holes with a 1m long masonary bit in a drill.

It was difficult to keep such a long drill bit drilling straight and it moved toward the inside of the panel (see 2 dent marks from inside panel).

The aim ws to have the holes close to the ridged outside metal sheet, so that heat could be drawn away from the metal sheet surface. 

Quite a lot of dust / debris from foam produced

Before pipe was woven through holes, grooves were cut with a craft knife into foam. This was so pipe could lay flush, allowing panels to be normally joined together

Normal hosepipe was used for this experiment, a allen key head bolt was inserted into hose pipe to make it easier to thread through holes

Idea to Redesign Motorcycle Alloy Wishbone Frame into Base for Trailer / Towable Micro Shelter

 I thought about this a few yrs ago & bought a rolling chassis frame . Recent thinking was to extend to a sleeping platform / micro home.

Making trailers may be a red tape nightmare, but using a recognised manufactured form of a bike frame may help navigate the maze.

Been looking at Singlewheel.com again, and wondering if this is a go-er, so talking to engineers. 
Perhaps 2 frames could be joined in tandem?

Obvious option is to put trailer ball where fork yolks would have been. Either extended or below.

 Singlewheel - we've compiled a list off all the manufacturers of Single Wheel, 1 Wheel, Mono, Uni Wheel trailers http://www.singlewheel.com 

Saturday 23 April 2016

Research on Joining Kingspan PIR Sandwich Panels @ 120 degrees For Hexayurt Walls

Simulating the 120 degree angle, a void forms between the panels. This could be joined with another strip of metal on the outside, or possibly an off cut from the side of a profile sheet.

An angled metal strip will need ot be screwed or po riveted onto inside to join sheets

. Care must be taken not to make a thermal bridge.

Inside view

 Outside view

Metalclad Vertical Beam support can fill the void between panels & support roof weight

 Outside with 90mm beam
 Inside view with 90mm I-Stud core beam
 Inside view with 90mm beam on outside & 45mm extra one on inside

(Pics below)

I have found a triangular shaped length of sapele hardwood timber to use as the wall frame.
This will be covered by a sheet of metal on the outside & a v shaped sheet on the inside

The walls will be 2m x 1m as pir panels are 1m wide & for hexayurt shape to work the width of panel must be half the length .

Friday 22 April 2016

2m Cube Shelter with Folding Wall Frames & Kingspan Insulated Wall Panels

Wall frames joined with m8 8mm bolts, in folded position (can easily be unbolted as well)

Frames are 2.012m long, so 1m wide sandwich panels are screwed or bolted, to uprights.

Beams will most likely have drywall liningg as a supporting composite skin (see pic) If more strength required, steel will be on both sides  .

Proposal for 'Gap Rooms' to Create a Storage Solution to facilitate Reuse for Overfilled Garages in the UK, as an Alternative to Garden Rooms

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