Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Idea to Redesign Motorcycle Alloy Wishbone Frame into Base for Trailer / Towable Micro Shelter

 I thought about this a few yrs ago & bought a rolling chassis frame . Recent thinking was to extend to a sleeping platform / micro home.

Making trailers may be a red tape nightmare, but using a recognised manufactured form of a bike frame may help navigate the maze.

Been looking at Singlewheel.com again, and wondering if this is a go-er, so talking to engineers. 
Perhaps 2 frames could be joined in tandem?

Obvious option is to put trailer ball where fork yolks would have been. Either extended or below.

 Singlewheel - we've compiled a list off all the manufacturers of Single Wheel, 1 Wheel, Mono, Uni Wheel trailers http://www.singlewheel.com 

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