Saturday, 23 April 2016

Research on Joining Kingspan PIR Sandwich Panels @ 120 degrees For Hexayurt Walls

Simulating the 120 degree angle, a void forms between the panels. This could be joined with another strip of metal on the outside, or possibly an off cut from the side of a profile sheet.

An angled metal strip will need ot be screwed or po riveted onto inside to join sheets

. Care must be taken not to make a thermal bridge.

Inside view

 Outside view

Metalclad Vertical Beam support can fill the void between panels & support roof weight

 Outside with 90mm beam
 Inside view with 90mm I-Stud core beam
 Inside view with 90mm beam on outside & 45mm extra one on inside

(Pics below)

I have found a triangular shaped length of sapele hardwood timber to use as the wall frame.
This will be covered by a sheet of metal on the outside & a v shaped sheet on the inside

The walls will be 2m x 1m as pir panels are 1m wide & for hexayurt shape to work the width of panel must be half the length .

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