Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Design for a SIPS Panels with a supporting frame inside. Leading from the Ubuntu Blox concept of local filling

The advantage of thsi method is that profiled metal sheet & frames can be shipped as a flatpack & expanding foam can be added later. Bulky expanding foam will not waste space in the shipping container .

Place frame in profiled metal wall / roof sheet

Gather free insulative local  materials (in this case polystyrene packaging ) This is the model that Unbuntu Blox use
 Place inside sheet on top. Screw to frame at top & bottom edge & side thats overlapped.

Spray expanding foam into the gaps via the edges gaps. A piece of foam or polystyrene can be inserted int h other side to stop expanding foma leaking out. This will force it to go into smaller voids when redirected.

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