Saturday 8 May 2021

Barriers for Deconstruction and Reuse/Recycling of Construction Materials (Across the World)

by the international council for research & innovation in building & construction 2014


Monday 3 May 2021

Cabinz CIC & The SHELTER & HARDWARE BANK NETWORK are looking for partner groups to start their own 'Emergency Shelter Distribution Centres' (ESDC) or mobile 'Hardware & Fixings Stations'

 As factories have  been closing or downsizing during covid, we have been busy buying material handling and storage equipment at very low cost, to supply a pallet sized package of shelving , steps & trolleys so groups can start their own small hardware distribution point.
We are calling these 'Emergency Shelter Distribution Centres' (ESDC) or mobile 'Hardware & Fixings Stations' and it is open to social businesses or community groups for their buildings or even shed or garages.
If you are a Uk community group, charity or social enterprise and are interested, please get in touch via email at  for further details

The aim of these initiatives is to distribute low cost or free fixings & building materials (as funding allows) to allow people on low income to repair or build simple green houses / cloches, insulated home work /storage sheds or animal shelters. We believe these will be greatly needed when furlough ends.    

Many building materials including fixings have greatly increased in price recently. There was an article in the Guardian a few months ago about shortages, the situation may have become worse due to the Suez Canal blockage. 

"Builders are running short of everything from power tools and screws to timber and roof tiles as the gridlock at UK ports holds up crucial deliveries and sets off alarm bells in the run-up to Brexit. "

"Timber is of particular concern (the price is up between 20% and 40% because of supply problems in Scandinavia)... 

As we have not been able to do the markets this year due to covid,  we have been supplying groups by post & online initiatives . 
Thankyou to the community groups. charities & small businesses once again for buying at low cost or accepting donated fixings from us this year. 
Cabinz have been supplying NCWRP members with 500 kg crates and other fixings orders.
Those supplied recently have been We're eco in Somerset, Northampton wood recycling and members in Edinburgh,Glasgow & E.Sussex
We still have several million fixings in stock and would like to work further with charities, & small biz, perhaps in conjunction with our shelving and insulated floor / wall panels, we have recently purchased that could form a hardware dept. with other groups to encourage a repair culture & low cost shelter building. 
We have a thousand new & used castor wheels in stock at low cost if you want to make them mobile.
 With partners. we have also been running trials of hardware sections in furniture reuse charities & supplied fixings supply initiaitives in scrap stores.

A few months ago we offered NCWRP members 6000m of very low cost insulated wall sandwich panels for reuse from demolition, we still have access to this material, from suppliers who are keen to support us.      .  

There was particular interest from suppliers of refrigerated rooms for food banks
 to reuse the panels. 
My Pics taken 2-5-21 in B&Q in Rhyl show many shelves in the screw & hardware dept. empty. When asked. a member of staff said it was due to the recent Suez canal blockage 

 Please share this intiative. 

Regards Paul Ridley Volunteer Coordinator 
Cabinz cic & The Shelter & Hardware Bank Network (SAHBN)