Monday 11 July 2022

More thoughts on reusing plastic bottles, waxed cuboid cartons, metal cans & cardboard, for insulation & shrapnel protection

Following on from Previous experiments by Paul Ridley reusing plastic bottles, waxed cuboid cartons & cardboard over several years, mainly for packaging items & insulation, I have some more ideas.

A more urgent case for plastic reuse can be made with recent articles highlighting recycling problems, like The Big Plastic Count: Survey shows 'recycling doesn't work' 

  3 years ago, I experimented Making an Insulated Eco Brick by Filling Empty Plastic Bottles with Rolled Cardboard or Plastic & Evacuating Air (VIB))   

As the world has changed with major inflation, material shortages & european war. I believe it's time to revisit some of these ideas. Perhaps such ideas could be used in Ukraine to help protect from sharpnel while also insulating structures internally or externally from harsh winters.

I mentioned protection from projectiles on the blog post: Design method to reuse existing refugee camp tents and further insulate them from temperature / fire / projectiles at low cost

It has occurred to me that using water inside a can / bottle for thermal mass & projectile protection that has a squirt of expanding foam inside at either end to strengthen the structure & seal the water in.

Crumpled or shredded plastic /polysterene / cardboard  (see UBUNTU BLOX ) could also be used instead of water for impact 

 Fabric could be reused at either end & glued in place with the expanding foam for additional strength. I will update this blog with photos & progress shortly & welcome comments / related experiments 

update: 20-7-22 - Relevant full reseach paper on metal drink can insulation in concrete slabs

Evaluation of Aluminum Cans As A Thermal Insulator in Reinforced Concrete Slabs      March 2009  


The cost of any insulation material has the controlling rule for selection, the higher the cost,
the better the insulation and the higher the construction cost. In this study, AC was found to
meet the minimum cost requirements, since AC could be collected from Aluminum
Recycling Agencies, beside the minimal construction cost. AC may also be bought directly
from the factory for insulation use. The cost of AC is much lower than the cost of TB and the
4. Conclusions:
The tested insulation materials were evaluated through models, AC showed a significant
results. Experiments also showed that the cans are a good thermal insulation material and can
withstand a considerable live and dead loads, in addition to the low construction cost and low
dead weight. From practical side of view, these cans could be packed using nylon sheets with
suitable dimensions (100x100cm or 50x50cm) for easy installation process beneath the
floor’s or ceiling’s tiles. As it was stated before that the AC recycling rate is decreasing, the
use of these cans is certainly will contribute in solving part of the environmental problems."
Edit: 22-7-21
(PR Idea) - How about making a living fence or wall insulating panel into a bug hotel by using wood or plastic frame, containing plastic bottles or tins stuffed with cut twigs/ hay etc into, 

6 Large Rubble Bags of New Tanalised & Used Timber donated to Ellesmere Port Mens Sheds by Cabinz CIC / SAHBN

 6 Large Rubble Bags of New Tanalised & Used Timber donated to Ellesmere Port Mens Sheds by Cabinz CIC / SAHBN  on 8-7-22

Woodwork to Wellness in Saltney was offered some as well, but they have no storage, so we are storing some wood until they have the room


Wednesday 6 July 2022

Low Cost 2 Metre Long Composite Plastic & Fibreglass Off Cut Beams supplied to Connahs Quay Allotment for Raised Beds. Many available for £6 each in 7 colours- rot free & don't need painting.

Many available for £6 each from Saltney, contact 

These are to replace rotting scaffolding boards. We can deliver locally at low cost or post larger quantites of 20+ on a pallet nationwide . 

We can supply screws and metal angle brackets to join corners at low cost

Cabinz have previously made  these panels into Green Houses  Cloche & Polytunnel Frames (Heavy duty grp fibreglass sheets available at £5 a metre)  Organic Chicken Coops  Rot Proof Shed Base & Frame

2 metre x 48mm Door edge strip (DES) Original off cut from a composite door factory, when a door blank is cut to size. Available with a colour on one side of red, dark blue, mid brown, dark brown, black, green, white.

They are similar to hardwood in weight, take screws / nails fine & do not split. They have a wood grain effect fibreglass strip either side, and moss will grow on them in time

 These beams are nailed together from smaller strips (2 are shown in the front of the picture and are available for £1 each (min. 6) ) and were part of our long term test & have already been outside for 3 years in the weather without any damage and moss grew on the outside edges.

contact to order or for more info.