Friday 18 April 2014

Thanks to the staff at Reciprico Wirral, the buidling material re-use project.

We have joined, and bought some great building materials to frame our panels.

They are stocking our grp comoposite panels for sale in the area 

FOR SALE - New 53mm thick composite panels of GRP + foam core in various large sizes

We are selling new 53mm thick composite panels of double sided coated fibreglass with a kingspan type foam core. These are very strong, light & insulative .  

Fire resistant production off cuts in various large sizes.

Grp panel sizes
Total thickness:  53 mm or sometimes 44mm

410 x 1440 mm
410 x 1510 mm
430 x 1440 mm
430 x 1510 mm.

Bigger panels are 1310 x 1777mm

840 x 2000mm

870 x 1910 mm 

We have a regular supply of these with 50+ sq metres in stock, new stock sizes may vary by 5 - 10cm

Email us for details
After several previous visits, where they were very helpful, I talked to the Ellesmere Port Fab Lab yesterday about cutting our 53mm grp composite insulated panels with their cnc router.

David Armson Fab Lab Manager, referred me to mersey signs who kindly mentioned nearby co. Beplas  who offer ...

"a leading supplier of interior surface solutions for hygienic applications. With the UK's most extensive range of internal wall and ceiling lining systems"

Manager Steve gave me some great samples to explore joining our panels together. This was advice from a long trading expreince of 30 yrs of trading in modular panels supply

 I visited the successful 2 Chester & Ellesmere port "Men is Sheds " projects, had a chat with some users & the managers.

I I hoped they made require reused panels for project users no longer able to get to the project unit. Alas, I was told the opposite was true & most users already had a garage shed at home, but had moved to the project unit building to get help from the community or spoort / use of more tools / materials