Thursday 21 June 2018

Idea for sorting a mixed bucket of screws into smaller pots as relaxation & therapy that can then be used for craft / DIY by community groups

Idea for sorting a mixed bucket of screws into smaller pots as relaxation & therapy 

Cabinz are talking and delivering screws. bost, nuts & nails  to other community groups for use by their members with health & learning issues . They are sorting the fittings. inot tubs of the same fittings.

These mixed buckets are what is left after the larger fittings have been seperated . Below is what sorting Cabinz do to get to that stage

Edit: update

Cabinz have delevered a 18 kg bucket of mixed fixings to 'Woodwork to Wellness' who are trialling this experiment with their members . Fitting sorted in 2 pics below


Cabinz get them in a large 500 kg crate. 

The larger fixings are removed by hand in 1/8 to 1/4 kg handlfuls. Then cuped to the chest while being seperated with the other hand .

They are then dropped into seperate plastic tubs or reused paint 10L empty paint buckets (donated from Recipro local paint reuse project)  A thick plastic bag is taped into these buckets to stop dry paint chips getting mixed in with screws 

An alternative method is to put a handful on a tabel & seperate from there  into piles.

Fittings are donated to theses groups for free to be used within the group or distributed further

 Pic 2  - Close up of the crate
Pic 3
 Cabinz were lucky to get some cheap new tubs from a boot sale

 Pic 4

reused paint buckets with taped plastic bag inners

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