Monday 29 February 2016

Updated Pics for shelters with different frames & wall panels  made on platform

Bare platform

 9 ft long 'H' shape concrete fence posts as base. NOTE: Reinforced concrete H beams are used as they are strong,  cheap , £10, fire resistant & heavy, so when base is attached to them , it will help stop structure being blown over, by weighting base

 Fence posts may need to be strengthened with purlins or drywall lining

CD Panel floor with 2 floor beams ( 3 needed for heavier weight loads on floor)
 CD Panel floor with 2 floor beams running  the other way, with edges resting in H recess of beam

An advantage of the H beam is that a 45-50mm wide paenl will fit in the groove

Option B. Frame made from 48mm scaffolding poles & metalclad beams

Close up of frame made from 48mm scaffolding poles & metalclad beams, a door edge strip is on outside to insualte metalclad steel from outside to prevent thermal bridge 

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Monday 22 February 2016

This weekend, I levelled the ground for the Wedgeblock shelter prototype by laying the gravel foundation. The scrap door are forming a straight edge on the lower side for the gravel.

Time spent 5 hrs

Tues Day 2 Almost half the first layer of the floor laid. Its made of scrap composite doors. With another layer on top, this will act as a platforrm for different shelter designs

I posted a thread on this design to the Hexayurt forum. 

 Dylan kindly put it into a sketch up model,  & suggested the simpler hexayurt type roof design as this has the advantage of an overhang for rain to drain off.  I suggested window &  air vent additions to the underside.

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Wood Work to Wellness Transformation Centre is now open in Saltney Chester. Cabinz Hardwood & Composite materials are available there

Contact them on 01244 6810094. They are involved with
Thinking further, a 3.5 board Wedgeblock shelter could be hinged to fold flat and put on a car or van roof to form a shelter for light adults / teenagers or cheap storage box..

A 2400 x 1200 x 12mm panel will weigh approximately 20 kg, so that 70kg (3.5 sheets) +2 kg for hinges  / screws . Total 72kg

When erected, with thin end of wedge at front, this is reasonably aerodynamic for short distance driving at lower speeds.
  " Issues to consider are the overall limit of 75kg (including the bars), make sure the load is evenlydistributed"
For 2 bigger size adults, a 3rd roof bar or supporting bracket bolted into roof may be need. I guess weight limits are aimed for moving cars, so if it was overloaded while not moving, & weight was evenly spread, it may be ok (this is not advice) thinner play or osb will save weight 6 or 9mm, but may bend too much. Going below 12mm on the base may not be advisable

Tuesday 16 February 2016


So named because it is a wedge shape on top of a block

Simply made to take adavantage of Uk permitted development rules for small outbuildings. It allows 4m total hieght for a dual pitch roof as opposed to 3m for a flat roof .

This is using the Hexayurt type design principle of standard 2.44 x 1.22m boards, with minimal cuts to form triangles & no waste (if possible)

This design uses 12 sheets of OSB / plywood / rigid insulation. 8 form a square around walls (2 each side) they can be installed like in the model with the short side on floor, or with a horizontal seam.

The wedge shaped roof can form a small shelter itself, using 4 boards or 2.5 boards if its' width
 is halved 

Paper model with slight gapes to show triangle construction of roof side

Full size mock up of wedge shaped, dual pitch roof

View 2
View 3

A single panel can be used as well for a thinner shelter.

2 cuts made in a sheet

Join the small triangle to the edge of the smaller of the 2 other triangles.

This makes 2 triangles the same size, which form the sides of the roof  (see pic below)

Friday 12 February 2016

Building an "Insulated Wall Greenhouse" to make a trailer more attractive & insulate its' contents 

Plain Trailer

2 options .Option A. insulated panel is held in place with  Metalclad frame. Frame supports grp fibreglass corrugated roofing panels (lets 90% of light through)

Tall plants are grown behind the sheeting. Sheeting is removable via nuts on beams ,and will likely have a joint in the middle..  

Option B Metal clad beams & composite door off cut shelves insualate trailer & provide shelving for plants. White surface reflects light to plants.

Window boxes could be made of offcuts on each shelf to hold soil so no flower pots are needed.

Removable corrugated grp fibreglass sheets cover  shelves & protect plants