Tuesday 16 February 2016


So named because it is a wedge shape on top of a block

Simply made to take adavantage of Uk permitted development rules for small outbuildings. It allows 4m total hieght for a dual pitch roof as opposed to 3m for a flat roof .

This is using the Hexayurt type design principle of standard 2.44 x 1.22m boards, with minimal cuts to form triangles & no waste (if possible)

This design uses 12 sheets of OSB / plywood / rigid insulation. 8 form a square around walls (2 each side) they can be installed like in the model with the short side on floor, or with a horizontal seam.

The wedge shaped roof can form a small shelter itself, using 4 boards or 2.5 boards if its' width
 is halved 

Paper model with slight gapes to show triangle construction of roof side

Full size mock up of wedge shaped, dual pitch roof

View 2
View 3

A single panel can be used as well for a thinner shelter.

2 cuts made in a sheet

Join the small triangle to the edge of the smaller of the 2 other triangles.

This makes 2 triangles the same size, which form the sides of the roof  (see pic below)

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