Wednesday 17 July 2019

Secure Your Shed and Fence (SYSAF) Initiative to help reinforce to resist climate change & reduce theft and vandalism from gardens and rural areas

Cabinz Cic have been fortunate to purchase at extremely low cost, 2000+ good quality pairs of T-hinges, padlock hasps & gate locks (pics below) .

We also receive very welcome support from Timco.who supply low cost screws & fixings to us for resale or donation.  Currently Cabinz has several million screws & fixings that can be used to reinforce and repair sheds, fences 7 green houses to resist increased wind & flood from climate change

We aim to sell these at low cost to local allotments, residents, community groups & small businesses to secure their tools, garden equipment, paint, plants etc in their green houses / sheds.

PLEASE NOTE: we have limited staffing resources, so can only deal with groups to distribute fixings, not individuals

For those on very low incomes we may be able to donate some material.  Low cost pine louvre slatted window shutters are also available to secure windows at night.

We hope to have advice and support from the local Police & Councils in this venture .

In addition, we are currenty experimenting with a design for 50mm wide  long plastic wood strip (reuse rather than landfill) that will deter people climbing over the top of the fence and the settlement of pigeons or rat runs

Discusions have taken place with Flintshire Men in Shed groups to prepare shutters & doors for these security upgrades.

The UK law concerning fences, walls and gates can be found online from websites such as these 


Wednesday 3 July 2019

Cabinz have a 1946 Violin made by a German POW in Anglesey after WW2 in beautifully made of many reused materials

The case is made from wood medical boxes, lined with a felt wool blanket, canvas straps
and hinges made from metal tins  

We are looking into having this restored and possibly displayed in a local museum

A similar Violin made at Braintree PoW camp appeared in a Bbc news story  in 2016