Friday, 18 April 2014

FOR SALE - New 53mm thick composite panels of GRP + foam core in various large sizes

We are selling new 53mm thick composite panels of double sided coated fibreglass with a kingspan type foam core. These are very strong, light & insulative .  

Fire resistant production off cuts in various large sizes.

Grp panel sizes
Total thickness:  53 mm or sometimes 44mm

410 x 1440 mm
410 x 1510 mm
430 x 1440 mm
430 x 1510 mm.

Bigger panels are 1310 x 1777mm

840 x 2000mm

870 x 1910 mm 

We have a regular supply of these with 50+ sq metres in stock, new stock sizes may vary by 5 - 10cm

Email us for details

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