Wednesday 16 August 2017

Raised Beds Frame Prototype From grp / plastic Composite Door Panel off cuts with Handbridge Allotment

 Raised Beds Prototype From grp / plastic Composite Door Panel off cuts with Handbridge Allotment 

The aim is to replace the rotting wood frame with composite door offcuts, that are glued and screwed together . These will not rot or be eaten by insects for an estimated 25 yrs +

They may be more visible, being white on one side.

So they may reduce tripping hazards in poor evening light, as many allotments / gardens are unlit

DES Pegs will be hammered into gound to support them 

size is approx 2.44 x 1.22 m2  Frames are approx 30cm tall

Prototype 1

Window cut outs are framed with door edge strips (DES) with a door edge strip section between panels horizontally to screw DES to.

They are glued together with Everbuild lumberjack 5 min PU glue & 75mm screws

A 2nd idea is to use the smaller DES screwed & glued together with cheaper silicon sealant

This is quicker to make, than it appears at first. The planks are also heavier & stronger with the grp side resisting the outward soil force 

Close up

Edit: 20th September

Finished 2.4m long beam made from the thinner door edge strips (thicker strips are kept for more structural uses 

They are screwed and sealed with silicone sealant . coloured side would be sited inside to be hidden by soil . so outside is white .

Wood could be screwed to the top. Wood being above the soil, would mean it lasted longer, as not in contact with wet soil 

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