Thursday, 31 August 2017

Street Lamp Fastened Floating Bases with Hexayurt Shelter Attached for Flooded Disaster Area Rescue or Residence

 The Houston Flooding disaster got me thinking about a similar idea I had many yrs ago.

The original idea was to have a buckyball or dodecahedron framed sphere (shape used for strength ), covered in grp or concrete .
This would have a small hole in the top & bottom attached to a sleeve sealed, so water could not penetrate the interior

This would allow a metal pole (approx. dia of a street lamp) to pass through it 

This pole would be cemented securely into the ground.

The point of this would be to allow the sphere to rest on the ground in dry weather (perhaps with an earth rammed tyre wall it sits in for thermal mass insulation)  , but to float up & down the pole as the flood water rose, yet not be swept away .

A windmill  /wifi router could be attached to the top of the pole .

 A further thought would be that the pole could be used as a chimney for wood burning fires, if a hole was cut in one side & a plate inserted to hold ashes, supported by a through bolt.

Leading on from this, it occured to me today that boat led rescue efforts in Houston, as in Katrina are
often via boat along the flooded streets (if not by helicopter)

These streets are full of street lamp posts.

If  a floating base, with a cylinder in the middle to wrap around the pole in a kit kit could be designed.
 Flooded house residents could wait on this to be rescuced, instead of risking being trapped in their houses
In addition a  hexayurt on it could be developed to rest on this floating platform, if they needed to stay for longer periods ..

Edit: These could also be used for security guards to stay in to keep looters out of houses 

Note: some streets may have parked cars in the way

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