Monday 4 September 2017

Draft proposal for Design of Insulated Panels installed as Shelter Wall Insulation, that can be Re-used as Shelters in the event of a Disaster Situation

Paul Ridley, Founder of the Cabinz Project Uk has designed several insulated panels that can be attached to an existing brick or wood building to insulate it, and make the structure stronger. 

These are designed to counter the problem that if a disaster occurs, there will not be enough materials available immediately to build thousands of shelters.
By have the panels dispersed around the country, in use as insulating building panels , they can quickly be removed from buildings & re-used as emergency shelters or perhaps floating pontoons in a flood.

While the panels are in situ, this addresses the problems stated in the 2 articles below  

If there is a disaster, where thousands of shelters are needed very quickly, the panels can be removed and built into shelters such as Hexayurts

The panels are screwed onto a metal drywall / wood or plastic strip that is connected via wall plugs to the wall. 

The panel has a metal drywall frame, and magnesium oxide (MGO fire ) board on the outside, painted with masonary paint .

There are a variety of insulation core options to suit differing budgets and levels of fire resistance.

Inflammable insulation should ideally be encased both sides with fire resistant Mgo board & metal drywall frame. Fire resistant materials require only single external mgo board sheet cladding.

Note:  Fire resistant materials such as PIR can be further removed from the frame and made into Hexayurts etc, as well as the outer 2.4 x 1.2m framed panel, so nearly doubling the panel usage (inner panel will be slightly smallet to fit inside framed one)   

Some meet building regs, others do not : 

A. Fire Resistant

1. Pir Rigid foam ie Kingspan as seen here in off cut form.  

2. Mineral Wool

3. Off cuts from Industry 

B. Inflammable 

End sealed cardboard (this is currently under study , and may be rejected if damp issues occur) 

 2. Approx. 70mm diameter bottles, cans & cartons filled with bubble wrap or polystyrene off cuts
(Edit 20-4-18) Idea is that bottles voids could be filled with co2 gas to make them more fire resistant & act as co2 capture devices )

3. Inflammable off cuts from Indusrty

 MGO Fire Board (Magnesium Oxide) Framed SIPS Panel with Door off cut Frame & Metal Fire barrier 

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