Thursday, 21 September 2017

Hurricane Damaged Shelter Recovery Method for British Virgin /Caribbean Islands / Usa with little or no budget

Hurricane Damaged Shelter Recovery Proposal Method for British Virgin /Caribbean Islands / Usa with little or no budget


1. Collect wood that is plentiful due to fallen trees / joists / stick frames 

2. Sort or cut wood into 50mm /70 / 140mm thick planks

3. paints planks with preservative 

4. Clad & nail / screw planks inside galvanised drywall lining channel or purlins, salvaged from destroyed buildings 

5.Drill holes in structurally sound brick walls, insert plastic walls plugs , glued in with injection resin or adhesives

6. Screw metal clad  planks to wall, horizontally & vertically , so a 2.4 x1.2m sheet can be screwed to it    

7  Fill insulation voids with plastic bottles filled with polystyrene or bubble wrap (or sand / soil / water if thermal mass / heavier wall weight required) .

8. Tape these bottles together with very strong fibre reinforced tape to add strength . while retaining insulation & flexibility

9. Screw sheets of MGO (Magnesium Oxide) fire board / corrugated grp / metal sheeting (or what wood sheet is available )   to the outside. 

A related Cabinz Idea for Reinforcing Window Storm Plywood Shutters on a Budget with Cut Up Used Tyres 
may be of use for shutters / doors & tying down roofs

10. Battens composed of strips of plastic or treated wood could be added to outside of MGo board or corrugated grp / steel , before boards are screwed in place.

11. If a stand alone structure is required, a hexayurt like our prototype can be built using a method similar to the above.

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