Saturday, 16 September 2017

Idea for Reinforcing Window Storm Plywood Shutters on a Budget with Cut Up Used Tyres

 Used Tyres, locally available for free, can be easily cut up with a hand blade & a metal jig saw blade (for side wall metal tyre bead) to strengthen a plywood or metal shutter.

The tyre off cuts are screwed and / glued into raw plugs in the wall . Preferably bolted to the plywood 

A Short Lesson in Building Effective Shutters

 plywood hurricane shutters images

If there's no money for plywood , salvaged pallets could be used 

For bigger windows the tyre tread can be cut

 A Variation.

The whole shutter counld be covered with over lapping tyre treads fo max strength, but weight would be heavy.

First ideas for total coverage layout

Perhaps a combination of the side walls & tread would work best . Side walls could be cut as complete circles & screwed to tread strips

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