Sunday, 22 May 2016

Joining Door Frame Off Cuts to Form Beams, Pt. 2 Strengthening with Other Off-Cuts & Surplus Materials

 Joining Door Frame Off Cuts to Form Beams Pt. 2 Strengthening with Off-Cuts other Surplus Materials 

A. Parts used 

Door frame core profiles can be joined with "Pallet Protector angles" as outer splints.(They come in 2 sizes - see pic )  Plastic edge strip off cuts (shown in white in pic below) are inserted on the inside. Core profiles are usually straight cut at ends, but shown 45 degrees in pic

B.  Connector 1.

 4 x 6mm BOLTS Plastic edge strip off cuts are attached with another nut for cross bracing, For corner uprights, the other bolts can have Plastic edge strips going at 90 degrees to join adjacent upright.

C.  Connector 3.  Self tapping zinc plated drywall screws 39mm

D.  Core profiles end view

E. Full view of parts used (white edge strip is not shown, but also used inside core profile for inner  tension strength)

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