Wednesday 18 May 2016

CladBeam (aka Metalclad) is for sale 2.012m lengths, 45 - 148mm + wide . I stud I-Beam Core Available POA

CladBeam (aka Metalclad) is for sale in 2.012m lengths, 10mm to 148mm + wide. Wider beams made to order.  I stud I-Beam Core Available POA .

Prices start @ £2 / m or £4 a length. Minimum of 10 lengths.

CladBeam is is a composite beam with a wood grain effect. It is manufactured from thick strips of fire & rot resistant plastic, coated in a fibreglass skin. It comes in up to 7 colours on one side, white on the other.

As it similar to "Grid Beam" when drilled with holes, It can be used for applications such as furnitire & protyping frames.

It can be strengthened by adding dry lining galvanised metal or purlins on the outside for more deamanding uses, such as small outdoor strucures.

A brief explanation with pictures is here .

Contact cabinznet@gmail or phone +44 07432315470 for more info, 

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