Monday, 14 August 2017

Prototype Green House / Shed DIY Kit Mk 1 with Slanting Flat Roof (Using DES Strips & Grp Sheets)

Prototype Green House / Shed 1
Thsi is exploring a method for making a one-off shed.
If it was repeated in manufacture , it could be used as a pattern.
my intention is to make differnt roof types to fit the cube base like the previous WedgeBlock shelter 

 Make 4 x 2 mtr square frames with corner braces. Then 2 triangular roof side frames

Note: the top & bottom frames have the grp side on the top & bottom to take the extra weight of the roof ( the composite DES sticks are weaker if facing the othe way)  

 Close up

 1. Screw 4 x frames together to form a cube.
2. Move frame onto its' side
3. Screw 2 triangular roof side frames to cube frame

 Screw Grp sheets to the side temporarily and cut to size.

Note: sometime the off cut slanted side is the same angle as the adjoining panel, so it can be reused as the neighbouring panels

 Close up of other side

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