Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Grp Opaque Covering to Protect Birch Ply Wood Shelter Roof (Allowing Attractive wood to still be seen)

I was told by a carpenter that he did not think the treated ply would stand up to rain, even when treated,  but if covered with grp sheets (pics below) , attractive wood effect would still be seen, but protected  .

Grp sheets could be added to walls for a "green house wall" with shelves or trellis as shown in previous prototypes

Mk. 3- 4 Prototype Frame for a Shelter with Green House Walls for Containing Veg or Plants or Garden Office / Shed with Shelves  

Building an "Insulated Wall Greenhouse" to make a trailer more attractive & insulate its' contents

Grp Sheet Green House or Storage Shed Prototype with Frame on the Outside to Form a Trellis to Suppot Creeping Vines or Beans etc 

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