Sunday, 11 August 2019

Maximising Cardboard box use by Subdivision & Combining with Reused Plastic Windows to see Screws Inside

Following on from our other idea :

 Ideas for Reusing Packaging Bottles & Cartons for Re-packing or posting Sorted screws & fixings

 We have bought at very low cost, 2500 new small single wall cardboard boxes & are experimenting to pack screws in different sizes / weights.
We have been offered several thousand more boxes, which we will offer for sale for 8p each if there is demand

Maximising Cardboard box use by Subdivision into smaller boxes & Combining with Reused Plastic Windows to see Screws Inside

 First attempts at resizing to 500 g  & 250g size boxes, an extra cardboard or plastic bottle
 panel is inserted into top , then taped

a sample screw is taped under tape to show contents . Usually a label showing weight / size is attached to end

If the lid is transparent, a screw is not taped on lid

Simplest is to cut box in half & use 1 half as lid like a traditional screw box (on left) .

 Alternative view
 Box  cut into 2 (lid cut slightly smaller than base to avoid lid touching shelf ) to form lid & base, with one fitting over the other (slight corner pich needed to make base smaller than lid to fit

 Range of boxes used inc reused cleaned plastic ice cream containers

 Side view

 opaque lids from 2 L milk bottles, so screws can be seen inside 

 Close up

Reused carpet card tubes are used to store heavier weights of screws .
(New) A reused plastic cup lid is placed inside the tube, to protect the card end
 from  sharp screw end punturing them/   

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