Friday 22 February 2019

Ideas for Reusing Packaging Bottles & Cartons for Re-packing or posting Sorted screws & fixings

Plastic milk bottles & juice cartons, cut in 2 with elastic band on lid to hold top section in place

Below with inspection window, from 50mm waterproof clear sticky tape both sides

Estimated to carry 0.5 to 1kg of fixings

Method A :
1. Cut Bottles & waxed paper Cartons almost in half , allowing a good overlap,

2. tying long rubber band to top / lid / handle  & stretching over bottom, if needed
This is a more reusable option than sticky tape .

3. If no window / or as extra identification . Take a single screw / fixing (or whats to be stored in pot)  as a visible sample & wrap in 50mm wide clear tape& attach to handle or rubber band

Note; Rubber band can be secured, so it does not get lost / slip off by tightening  lid over thread on it.
On waxed cartons the band can be put over the top of lid as well (see pic 6)  

Method B. ( pics below ) Method can have no lid if required

1. Collect surplus cardboard carpet tubes, free from your local carpet shops (pref. lighter thinner wall ones)
2. cut them into screw pot lengths with hand saw / sharp knife / electric chop saw .
3. cut a thick piece of triple wall cardboard into a square the diameter of tube with corners hanging over .
4. Affix to bottom of pot to form base.
bend corners up side of tube, and tape around with 50mm tape or biodradable string, trapping corners. Tape must seal edges of base , so not gaps for scres to leak out
 Strips of plastic milk bottle could also be used as a band instead & screwed to side of pot (though not tried this yet )

For posting in a tube repeat for top as per base , but wrap tape round the 2 before wrapping around diameter of tube as above.

To make these card tubes more attractive for retail, plastic caps could be used (if available in tubes sizes) . But plastic caps would add expense & potential plastic waste 

Uk Supplier - postal tube end caps  -

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