Thursday 12 April 2018

Simple lean-to shelter removable roof design using met-posts, grp sheets & clad beams

Simple lean-to shelter removable roof design using Met-posts, grp sheets & metal clad beams (MCB)


2 x  triangular shaped wedge of plastic (made from comp door off cuts ) are rawbolted to a brick wall at over 2m height, approx 1m apart.

When Metposts are bolted to these, they will dictate the angle of slant downwards of the metal clad beams inserted into the metposts..

The reasons for the slant is so rain / snow run down them away from the wall


2 x Bolt down Metposts or similar are raw bolted through the plastic wedges into the wall.


a 1m length of MCB is  rawbolted to wall above metposts & above where grp sheets will sit, Sealant is used between wall & MCB.

This is to stop rain running down wall behind roof panels, although a flashing panel could also be used.

 MCB's have the GRP sheet screwed onto them with hex tek roof screws. Plastic caps can be glued to screw tops for weather resistance

Mcb's with grp screwed to them are inseted into Metposts & bolts tightened

6. Depending on snow load / length on MCB, a supporting MCB & Metpost can be screwed to the wall above or below the existing MCB 


  "Metal Clad Beams " by Cabinz of 1-2m lengthare slotted into beams & clamped / screwed

Basic strength test for a 25mm x 48mm length of "metalclad" (metal clad is my invention of a door side off cut of grp skin upv core glued & screwed inside drywall lining steel'

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