Saturday, 31 March 2018

Design for an Insulated mobile room on wheels for privacy & warmth within a larger room shared with other people

 San Diego unveils unorthodox homelessness solution: big tents

The above article has reminded me of an idea I had 2 yrs ago.

What would concern me about a large tent is the level of noise disturbance with dogs / pets & disease transferance   risk / lack of privacy.

 I had an idea to part remedy this situation, though it is designed for a solid floor, not dirt so the wheels work


Make an insulaled  box for 2 adults or up to 4 children to sleep in,, made of  fibreglass or metal sided kingspan sheets on the floor (to take weight ) resting on a 4to 6 ' frame of 2,3 or 4  clothes rails ( the cheapest wheeled option ( take 50-70kg each rail  )

 The walls & roof would be of aluminium sided pir rigid foam 30-40mm

yet if this is damaged by users , grp skin may be needed

rails  £16 each inc p+p for 6 ft
The box is simpler to make if it will sit within the frame, yet if it sits outside the frame can be used to hang clothes or hammock etc on.  

Heavier duty one are best for £30 +each as they take 150 kg each for adults .
Smaller lighter ones for kids

These would provide privacy & heat / noise insulation within a larger room of people . Yet be movable, and raised above the cold or damp ground .

I bought the rails to make a prototype , but have not had time to make a prototype

Paul Ridley Co-ordinator Cabinz

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