Saturday, 20 August 2016

Idea for Turning Infinity Bakery Solar Oven Prototype into Solar Reflective Heated Folding Shelter

Yesterday, I came across a UK Cambridge Uni team, who in 2014 Designed a solar oven  HERE

My basic idea is to use similar functions, but turn it into a shelter by having 2 facing curved reflective sides that move to form a roof at night for a shelter. During daylight sunny hours the roof folds down to heat a plinth like in the Infinity bakery.

If a bakery is not required, ir could heat water or soil / brick blocks to store heat for the cold night ahead.
Edit: perhaps this plinth could form a  work table / bed base.

2nd Edit: Having thought about the design for a few hrs, I cannot work out how to  have 2 curved reflective panels on one pedastal, so it's perhaps best to stick with one & have a seperate , removeable panel for the shelter walls. Otherwise use 2 units side to side

More links to the infinity bakery


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