Monday 25 July 2016

Mk 1 Ship Lap Type Wall Cladding With White Board Edge Off Cut (WBEOC) 

Strips are fixed with 3.9 screws to Composite Door Edge Strip (CDES) uprights & cross beam.

 I experimented with Lumberjack PU glue to try & seal joints, but the gap was too large. Silicone sealant may work / alternatively coat back with expanding foam to seal & insulate more.

Discussion was had re: whether gap for ventilation (like louvre shutters / doors ) may be useful in hotter climates.

Edge with mdf core at end & sides is exposed to rain. We laft a test panel in Uk weather for a yr & it expanded only slightly at edge. It appears that the glued plastic & polystryrene  / foam composite keeps it in place.

Coating the back edge with paint if left exposed would be advisable.

however, the corved edge may trap water allowing it to settle deeper inot the mdf. A drop of paint or white silicone sealant may stop this  

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