Sunday 17 July 2016

Mk 1 & 2 DIY SIPS Framed Panel with GRP Skin & Built in Window

Mk 1 & 2 DIY SIP Frame with GRP Skin & Built in Window

Grp corrugated sky light roof sheet, 1m x 2.3m
2 upright beams (nail gunned & glued door edge off cuts )
Cross beams added, ends screwed & triangular plastic door frame off cuts screwed in for cross bracing
Close up
Further close up
Close up of outer & insert of corner brace

Close up showing 4 screws

Other side view,

End view

few screws added (sealed with silicone) to stop expanding foam pushing sheet & beams apart

closeup of end screw, perhaps should have washers

closeup of middle screws, perhaps should have washers

Scrap Polystyrene put in 2 parts of panel to save foam (other part left clear as its the window)

Polystyrene forced  into ridge gaps to stop expanding foam escaping into window space

Expanding foam applied , along with one scrap panel of mdf / polystyrene

Poly appears to stop foam creeping / leaking

60cm wide Turkey size aluminium kitchen foil applied . I used this as it was the cheapest light reflective, fire resistant material I could think of .

This could be an interior finish or see 2 pics below
for extra panels

Close up . 2 strips of foil

Foil applied the other way on smaller part of panel

If required it can be covered in plastic panels, though more insulative, it adds more expense / weight

 Pic of other side, with clear window (Insulated parts should be painted to protect grp from Uv. reflect heat  & because its ugly

Close up 

Close up

Mk 2

Panel with no window & single middle support

 Other side view 

Double Wide Beams ( most likely design)

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