Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Re-use Surplus Off Cut / Waste Concept & Wedgeblock Shelter Entered into "What Design Can Do" Competition by UNHCR & IKEA

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WedgeBlock Shelter using Cladbeam (Metalclad) Frame by the Cabinz Project

by Paul Ridley on 05/18/2016 04:22 PM BST
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Cabinz Project
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A WedgeBlock Shelter made from the CladBeam (aka MetalClad) construction method, builds on UbuntuBloxHexayurtGridBeamEarthship technology.

To solve the refugee shelter crisis, there are not enough funds. Re-use is essential, combining used with new materials for environmental benefit.

Wood , grp or recycled plastic planks are clad in a fire resistant metal or fibreglass skin, like drywall lining or purlins to make a frame. When under load, the core is compressed & skin is in tension.
Frames can be bolted like GridBeam. Shelters can be expanded, or relocated.

Metal skin SIPS panels are filled with foam onsite & attached to frames. Possibly filled with bleached local polystyrene or shredded plastic, making foam go further, forming Insulated panels & beams with a fire resistant skin


1. CladBeam Frames make shelters with rebar footings , walls   & mezzanine or 1st storey.

2. SIPS panels with no frame, for single storie buildings
3. Metal profiled sheets sprayed onsite on the inside with insulating foam

Heavy Footings are an alternative to rebar on rocky terrain. They may also be used as thermal mass energy storage combining a water pipe system on roof.

We have designed a modular unit for a refugee shelter here
For DIY SIPS, plastic coated corrugated metal sheets are transported flat with an IBC of PIR foam that is sprayed on site reducing bulky transport.

Instead of a twin wall SIP (needed to contain waste polystyrene like Ubuntublox ) , a single sheet may be used and inside can be sprayed with fire resistant foam.

outside pic
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sketchup pic inside pic of prototype

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Approx. 150kg of screws fixings & wood dontated to the Crewe Mens Shed (which is now open again) by Cabinz CIC & the Shelter & Hardware Bank Network

 Approx. 150kg of screws fixings & wood dontated to the Crewe Mens Shed (which is now open again) by Cabinz CIC & the Shelter & ...