Tuesday 30 August 2022

Can a Wind Turbine Assembly be incorporated into the design or added to a jacked up EV car wheel while parked to use the EV regen system to generate electricity ? Perhaps an ev bike wheel, ICE car alternator, washing machine or vacuum cleaner could be similarly adapted ?

 I call this concept, STOREUSE - An Idea to Utilise Resources in Storage for Reuse while they would previously have been inactive

 Electric motors & batteries are prime candidates for Storeuse as the ycan take a lot of use without much wear 

Can a portable telescopic wind turbine assembly be added to a jacked up EV car wheel while parked to use the EV regen system to generate electricity ? 

Perhaps the spare wheel could be utilised with the spokes adapted into windmill blades. Being telescopic the assembly could be easily stored in the boot of the car.  Similar to Mobile Emergency Lighting Tower Car Roof Mounted Telescopic Mast 

Electric hub bicycle wheels could also be utilsed windmills while parked, or placed at night in windier places like high rise block balconies or sea front  areas.

 Perhaps ICE car alternators could have an adapted bonnet hole to insert a drive shaft attached ot a wind turbine. Washing machines & dish washers are often next to windows in the kitchen, a flexible drive shaft could be going out the window or hole in the wall to the wind turbine.   Could a vacuum cleaner could be similarly adapted to ?

Perhaps a marine version could be developed to put into flowing water to generate electrity on windless days?

 An associate, David Baker designed an amphibious vehicle with redesigned spokes of the back wheel, which is similar : Land Shark Project Video  Contact David Baker  - https://uk.linkedin.com/in/david-baker-b0996b5b    

I am doing research & looking for partners to develop these ideas. If interested or you know of similar existing products, contact cabinznet@gmail.com or leave a comment on this blog

This is an Idea by Paul Ridley of Cabinz cic / SAHBN following on from his related idea of STOREUSE - An Idea to Facilitate the Storage of Resources for Reuse. Lack of Storage is a common Barrier to Reuse

In the current Energy crisis, I am trying to generate related ideas on a blog page at www.energycrunch.co.uk


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