Saturday 2 October 2021

In the current crisis, Cabinz Cic & SAHBN are looking for partner groups to distribute low cost, high quality fixings to build shelters for the storage of possessions & animals of the evicted, make green houses, or work / play spaces


 As detailed in many recent articles like this...:  Britain Is Heading Into a Nightmarish Winter 

We at Cabinz cic & SAHBN are concerned about the lack of preparation and a shortage of available low cost building materials. Therefore we have raised funding and bought materials to offer large stocks to build shelters in gardens, or inside buildings. 

They can also be used to repair sheds / fencing / green houses in the coming winter storms 

This includes 1000 castor wheels, 500m threaded bar, millions of screws/ nails /bolts, 800 hinges, 500m of new grp roofing sheets. 

We wish to partner with groups (not individuals ) who will recruit volunteers and gather local reusable materials to build these shelters. 

We can post fixings, castors wheels, hinges, locks etc at low cost to construct these shelters. Below are some ideas for building some parts of these shelters which we have experimented with using our materials .   

 We may be able to provide details of suppliers of new clearance stock and reusable building materials in some areas

Contact us on for further details

 Free pallets are put on castors, so they are temporary structures easily moved to maximise space use 

we used composite plastic offcuts to build frames to screw grp sheets we sell to build shorage sheds or green houses like our previous prototypes



 We can sell low cost mobile shelving units to distribute tools & fixings


Cabinz have a network of nationally able charities & businesses to supply low cost materials to build shelters such as these new kitchen doors in the pics 

Air extraction / heating equipment pipe and fixings are for sale, which is easily adapted for wood burning chimneys . pipes are in 3m & 6m lengths

Platforms are available to work ar low heights or as walkways across boggy or floooded land 

(pics of platforms with low cost HD buckets supported walkways below)


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