Saturday, 3 April 2021

First Prototype of a Low cost Danish Trolley Type Mini Green House on Wheels from Off Cuts & Reused Materials for Home Growing Fruit and Veg

 This first rough prototype is designed to go against a wall

 Reusing new off cuts & over runs of composite plastics (that would normally be landfilled) to make a mobile trolley with a shelf and a raised bed on the base . The opaque grp sheets are very strong & flexible, so peels back from the middle to form opening doors.

 The protruding sides, shields seperately floor mounted potted fruit /veg from the wind    

 It is designed be as low cost as possible, the sharp edge of the grp sheet has been covered with slit used bicycle inner tubes, available free from most bike shops 

The base is rot reistant riveted aluminium frame box section with buffalo board treated plywood floor






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