Saturday 22 August 2020

Cabinz CIC & Shelter & Hardware Bank Network offer of free 1 tonne of fixings to members of the Independant food aid network (IFAN) via the Dig It All project

Cabinz Cic & SAHBN have started a 'Dig It All' project with an offer to members of the Independant food aid network (IFAN)

The project is offering 1 tonne of free new screws, nails, bolts and other fixings to food banks in this network.

The aim of DIG IT ALL is for Food Banks & their partners to use these fixings in combination with locally gathered reuseable materials to build green houses, cloches & raised beds to grow fruit and veg. 

Alternatively they can repair existing facilities with them

This is a long term aim to take some of the pressure off of the Food Banks & encorage home / allotment growing, food production self reliance and mental health improvement.

This is free for the first 1 tonne but groups will need to pay postage (£12 per 23kg) or collect. 

However, we may be able to deliver to some local groups in the NW / North Wales. Items like pallets, screw sorting stations and buckets are also available for discounted price.

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