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Mini Shelter Bank Update 22-9-19 after launch of 'Shelter and Hardware Bank Network' (SAHBN)

Aug 2019
Launch of 'Shelter and Hardware Bank Network' SAHBN

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"Shelter Banks" Similar to Food Banks.
Providing Building Materials For Outbuildings, to People Squeezed Into The Smallest Houses in Europe

The Uk Property market has been in crisis for many years. The new concept of Shelter Banks, aims to help ease a part of that crisis.

They are similar to Food Banks in the Uk, but distributing, re-used & re-manufactured building materials that have been donated or bought in bulk at low cost.
The shelters built with these materials, may be storage sheds, greenhouse or insulated garden offices for small businesses.

To facilitate this, building materials are stored in a warehouse and collected by local people, or posted to target low income groups, individuals or small businesses over a wider area.

Some materials will be free, but it depends on the amount of resources, funding & donations available, as to whether materials will have to have a small charge. If so, due to low overheads & donator support, they will much cheaper than normal retail prices.

In the future, it is hoped to offer complete shelter kits, training  & tool hire.

Shelter Banks differ, compared to normal building material re-use projects. Shelter Banks specialise in supplying materials to build small outbuildings under Uk Permitted Development Rights.
They do not usually require planning permission or building regulation if under 30 sq m & 4m tall with a dual pitched roof. This allows a wider use of materials, some which are often free.

Cabinz believe demand is high as property rents remain extremely expensive in the Uk & Europe, while wages are static or falling.

Record numbers of young adults are living at home with parents. squeezing families into smaller spaces, despite as studies finding British homes are the smallest in Europe

Access to materials for a shelter for groups to use during the day for work or leisure, will improve their mental & physical health.

Popular websites like Instructables & Make are producing a generation of creative youngsters not afraid to use hand tools

The Shelter Banks concept was conceived by Paul Ridley, Founder of The Cabinz Project (www.Cabinz.Net )
 A re-use  & re-manufacturing based community group operating out of 1000 sq foot unit in Saltney, Chester.

Cabinz works with insulated panel manufacturers to re-use their off cuts, They has distributed over 70 tonnes for community benefit, saving landfill space.

Paul Ridley and a team of volunteers have decades of experience in the  community & commercial re-use sector. They aim to seek funding and support, to start a Shelter Bank.
Advice is also sought from international re-use groups.

For more info, contact Paul Ridley, founder, Cabinz Project

Blog & info.

Further info will be posted at when available


Sept 22 2019
Publishing of 'First draft of the proposed Mini Shelter Bank (from 2017)'


To supply a portable IBC cage containing components to make a very low cost basic shelter, that is fire & insect resistant, such as as a storage shed or greenhouse.

These materials can also be used to repair sheds or cover garden veg / plants. The use is up to the customer, but we ask that off cuts etc are disposed of in a sustainable manner  

Prototypes of such shelters are linked below

  Prototype Wedge Block Shelter with Grp Window Cladding & Composite Door Edge Off-Cut Frame / Corner Brace 

Rot & Fire Resistant Base for Shed, Garden Office or Decking (DES) in Grp Fibreglass Plastic from Composite Door Edge Strips 

cabinz-prototype-shelter-endures-80-mph winds 


The IBC should be chained to a fence or wall from the top of the cage  to avoid the wind tipping it over (unlikley) or it getting stolen

Estimated quantites in the IBC

The Ibc will contain 

1. opaque grp fibreglass sheets (image rerquired)

30 -40 sheets of grp fibreglass sheets of 2 - 2.5m length, stacked upright.

2-2.2 m lengths are required for walls, 2.2-2.5m for roof

2. Door edge strips (DES)  - 2.012m long  x 45mm thick x 25-40mm wide

These are produced when a composite door blank is cit to size.

Made of a fibreglass skin with fire resistant plastic core, they vary in width from 5-40mm, but 25 -40mm are suitabel for frames. 

Thinner ones can be bent into curved shapes 

Approx. 50 -100, stacked upright in the IBC

DES - Door Edge Strips (image required)

3. Corner braces (image rerquired)

4. Screws 

Cabinz uses drywall screws for the prototype frame & corner braces , 

 thicker 100-120mm screws for joining corners of frame (for extra strength)

Roof screws with rubber was her connect grp sheets, although dry wall screws can be used 

Perhaps these could be connected in packets to the outside of IBC. 

5. Hinges & other fixings

cabinz can supply them 

For profile gap , it can be filled with camper mat type foam or expanding foam 

6. Costs


subject to change over trial evaluation 

screws will be pennies, 

hinges £1 a pair 

7. Floor 

can be made of pallets with ply wood  / osb sheet 

If insulated required Cabinz make a panel ( 2 required for 6' x 6' shed ) for £13.90 each 

see link 

Insulated Panels GRP Fibreglass Skin Fire Resist Foam Core 1 x 2m x45mm 7 Colour £13.90 

8. Footings  - Tying the frame down to the ground. 

on concrete, raw plugs / bolts & injection resin can be used . Cabinz can supply from Wickes stock  originally bought from Recipro .

On grass, a tent peg can be made from DES or bent rebar used. This can be collected by cabinz from local scrap yd  

Edit: update. Dec 2018 par We now have several hundred Metposts , that can hammer into ground for foundations on each corner

Basic tent peg test from grp / plastic composite door side off cut.  

9.. Health & Safety

Below is not safety advice, just informal comment 

The shelters I designed in 2m x 2m size have minimal cutting, but glasses & a mask must be worn if cutting.

i am told by door factory that dust in cutting off cuts are an irritant, not hazardous  .  

Using the flat pallets as step is a good secure platform for screwing roof 

please be aware that he above is a draft experiment  / guide & subject to change at any time

10. Tools 

An electric / screw driver & jig saw or small angle grinder are required for assembly 

Alternatively, a  hand screw driver & hack saw may be used 

For the sake of comparison , i enclose below the cheapest plastic sheds & greenhouses on ebay 6' x 6' from £250 -£350 

Safety PVC Greenhouse Green 1.8m (6x6ft) Steel Frame 

Shed Base £49 

Keter Apex Plastic Garden Shed 6 x 6ft OUR PRICE only £349.99 COLLECT wf119hs 

 Used wood frames or sheets can be used instead of plastic from suppliers like members of Community Wood Recycling

Best paul ridley 

Cabinz CIC  / SAHBN

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