Thursday 6 December 2018

Coating Metal Nails & Rebar in Recycled Plastic to Make Strong Flexible Pegs for Construction

Coating Metal Rebar & Nails in Recycled Plastic to Make Strong Flexible Pegs for Shelter Construction in Disaster zones

Hand Nails, particularly un-galvanised ones are very hard to sell in the Western world. This is due to cheapness and removability of screws, most people having a cordless drill now, and professionals having a nail gun.

Another use is needed for these millions of nails, these ideas may help.

Perhaps using the methods and machinery of plastic recycling as illustrated in  to extrude plastic, a nail or length of rebar can be covered to make a peg.

This can then be cut to length for insertion into a pre drilled hole when building or strengthening a shelter in the third world, .

These will be thicker than normal fixing with a compressible plastic outer skin .
This may have an advantage in creating a more flexible, stronger  joint in an earthquake or storm, allowing the shelter to survive a stronger force.

Alternatively, wall plugs may be made like these 300mm Wall Plug, Cut To Length, Self Centring Screw Expanding Stick  can be manufactured & cut to length .
Then Nails can be inserted & / or  glued 
Metal rebar could be coated with the plastic for use in or Rebar framed Eco-Brick shelter frames to make it stronger and more rust resistant 

This idea by P Ridley of cabinz has been posted on the ideas forum

Coating Metal Nails & Rebar in Recycled Plastic


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