Saturday 5 March 2016

Wedge Block Shelter mk. 1 Insulated floor was laid today. A variation of a moving / rolling floor was experimented with.

Floor is approx 3m x 2.15m

 Resting on 2 Metalclad 'pyramid' beams with door edge off cut core of grp / fire resistant plastic . Made of a dry wall lining c-stud 90mm on 92mm tracking beam on bottom.

The galvanised dry wall lining. Middle beam is flat 92mm c-stud

prototype for shelter base being able to move or roller beams

it was mentioned on that a hexayurt could be picked up & moved to cover a piece of earth warmed by sun during day to benefit from floor heating at night. 

I thought of a way for heavier shelters like my wedgeblock design to roll on it with concrete fence beams (they have handy grooves for rollers to ride in) with plastic rollers, that were rescued from a scrap yd

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