Monday, 14 December 2015

New panel designs using door off cut "window cut outs". Pics are side & stronger roof.

 All will be clad on sides with drywall stud or tracking steel metalclad (cutaway sides in pic 1.)

Note: finish is a bit rough due to trialling a new 1 part non toxic glue from apollo adhesives

This is working great!  £9 a litre for 12 x 1 ltr box. It is like superglue that foams up a bit to seal.

 Edges may still need a quick finger run of silicone (i've bought a pallet off ebay for 30p a tube in mixed colours)

I have contacted the local coast guard / fire brigade / army /Gov. as they could be used as crawling / walking / floating boards in flooded /boggy / muddy areas.

Pontoons I've designed using panels bolted together or tyres filled with door panels, & extra side / under strenghtening may be needed for buoyancy. 

I will test this in a lake new yr.


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