Sunday, 14 June 2020

Cabinz are Creatively Reusing Items & selling new materials to make sneeze resistant screens for community groups & small biz

We wish to hear from community groups and small biz who may be able to use these as screens. They can buy them at the low cost below, discount for quantity

We offer no guarantees on the suitability of materials or screens, buyers do so entirely at their own risk

These are foldway used Polling station Booths that have alumium frames with telescopic legs (so can also be mounted on table tops) , and plastic sheets . They cost over £300 new ! Some of the plastic sheets need replacing (esasily done)
Frames have some marks & scratches .
£50 each some have more wear and are £40 each

Table top aluminium hinged frames that came with the Polling Booths above. They need a new plastic sheet installed,work ok, but have marks & scratches. flat bars may need bending back (easily done) 

£15 each

We can supply new old stock Opaque Composite Plastic Grp sheets at £4 per m ( this is £17 to £30 a mtr elsewhere)
and new strong 2m long composite plastic frames and all the fixings for groups to make their own screens to their own size.
£3 for 2m for thinner beams / frames (1.50 a metre) Thicker Beams are £4 (£2 a mtr ) 

Below is a green house kit prototype made from these plastic composite materials   . low cost screws & fixings also available

Cabinz also have air extraction equipment for sale.
Please contact us for further info.

Sunday, 12 April 2020

First prototype for a Low Cost DIY Cool Box Made from Insulated Composite Door Off Cuts

 First prototype for a DIY Cool Box Made from Insulated Composite Door Off Cuts.

This reuses materials materials that cannot be recycled and would become waste if not reused.
It acan be made to most shapes , but in this case utilises window cut outs in the most common existing shapes.

As well as insulating food (how well remains to be tested) it can help stop rodents & pests eating the food.

  We also hope to make a  DIY Backyard Root Cellar in a similar style 

Friday, 10 April 2020

Low Cost Rot Proof Materials to Build a Garden Cloche, Greenhouse or Raised Bed for Growing Veg for Food Security and Self Reliance

With people being at home due to the virus at present, some working on the veg garden or allotment, we aim to support this, as well as contribute to helping reduce food scarcity, food poverty and promote self reliance.

 We have been fortunate to buy at extremely low cost, approx. 800 square metres clearance stock of very strong GRP fibreglass opaque roof sheets. These normally sell for £17 to £30 a metre

We are selling these for £5 a metre (lengths vary from 1.6 to 3m , 1.6m long shown in pic would cost £8)  and 2m long grp & plastic wood strips for pegs and side supports for £1.50 each.

Reductions will be given to bulk purchases from low income groups, community & allotment groups.

We have donated these rot proof materials to Allotments and Mens sheds groups previously and built Green houses Raised beds and fencing 

Thes sheets can be screwed to the grp sheet and attached to the peg with string or cable ties to stop them being blown away.
We have been working on a design for a garden cloche to protect veg for the home garden or allotment, variations are shown in th pics below.

It is not finished yet, and will require testing and feedback.

 We are selling the materials to charities, allotments & small biz to distribute to their network to make their own designs

We have a wide range of screws & fixings also available at very low cost to make these  .

A 2m strip on the top may be required , but we are debating on how to attach this in the pic below.

We show 4 different types of end panel, both in grp & pvc

Update 2-4-20
Being trialled in Newtown Allotment chester

Thanks to Simon

 These are just laid out on the plot, not installed or fixed
yet .
They may be used with a raised bed frame, made from composite plastic door offcuts
These were previously tried with Hanbridge allotment. Chester
Materials delivered below + fixings

Previously on the same allotment composite plastic door offcuts (DES -Door edge strips) have been used as raised bed pegs and poly tunnel door frames (pics below)

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Mixed Screw & Fixings Sorting Table and Storage Kit now available to Community based groups from Cabinz CIC

Following on from our  Idea for sorting a mixed bucket of screws into smaller pots as relaxation & therapy that can then be used for craft / DIY by community groups

Cabinz CIC have aquired at very low cost, 80 reused stainless steel top Cafe / Bar type table tops and many new heavy duty 10 litre buckets.
This allows a smooth, tough surface for fixings to be slid over the edge for seperation into buckets, than can be further divided by reusing plastic pots.
These will be offered to community group for their users to sort mixed screws for sale or donation.

This a recent photo of the table tops being trialled by a user of Woodwork to Wellness that is autistic  

A heavy duty revolving carousel can be added underneath the table to allow it to rotate.
These are available online for less than £5

We are trialling a standing sorting table by putting table top on top of a filing cabinet , then fixings can be stored in the cabinet, the HD cabinets are available for £15 in limited supply

Cabinz CIC are trying to raise £1000 to Send 1 Tonne of Screws & Fixings to Storm Victims

 GoFundMe Donate Page here

Send 1 Tonne of Screws & Fixings to Storm Victims

Cabinz Cic is a small social enterprise in Saltney, North Wales. We donate & sell at low cost, new screws & fixings, sorted from broken boxes and clearance stock. These go to Men in Shed groups, Scrapstores, Community wood recyclers, low income groups and small businesses

We will donate one metric tonne of fixings that we have in stock  to groups in flood and wind damaged areas of the Uk.

The £1000 will be used to sort, pack and deliver these fixings to the victims of storm Ciara and Dennis after contacting the support groups in these areas to see what they need.

We expect some of the items they require to be drywall screws for plasterboard,  screws and nails to rebuild fencing & sheds.

Sunday, 19 January 2020

3000 Satin Aluminium Standard Key Hole Lock Cover Plates Escutcheons Donated to Cabinz CIC by Recipro / Wickes to be adapted to draught excluders

3000 x Satin Aluminium Escutcheon Standard Key Hole Lock Cover Plates Donated to Cabinz CIC by Recipro Wirral / Wickes  to be adapted to draught excluders

We have these for sale now for £1.00 for a packet of 2 (including 2 black plastic fixing backing plate & 8 screws) .

We are experimenting with adding a split reused rubber draught excluder panel to the inside of these cover plates to cover door deadlocks .

The rubber is cut from old inner tubes from the local bike shop, then a slit is cut in the middle for the key to pass through.

We hope to have pairs of the draught excluder for dead lock keyhole ones for sale within 2 weeks for an estimated £2.50, or you can make your own for £1.00 as above

. This blog post will be updated with a guide to install.

We welcome suggestions for alternative use 

Cabinz are Creatively Reusing Items & selling new materials to make sneeze resistant screens for community groups & small biz

We wish to hear from community groups and small biz who may be able to use these as screens. They can buy them at the low cost below, discou...